Thursday, November 21, 2013

Install SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SQL Server reporting services (SSRS) is a report generating software system, it has full range of ready to use tools and services to create, deploy and manage reports for your organization.

The reporting service is not cluster-aware, must be installed locally. But scale-out deployment provides a way to share a database. If one report server goes down the other reporting servers will continue to work for your reports.

User can install Reporting Services in Native or SharePoint mode.

1. Native – User can use as stand-alone application with default configuration
2. SharePoint - User can integrate SSRS with SharePoint

In SQL Server 2012, reporting services introduces Power view – an interactive data exploration, visualization and presentation experience and provides drag and drop and ad hoc reporting for your business needs

SQL Server 2012 reporting services Installation Steps: 

1. Launch SQLServer Installation Center à Go to Installation tab
2. Click on New SQL Server Stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation
3. Select Installation Type : Perform a new installation of SQLServer 2012
4. Product Key: Enter the product Key
5. License Terms : Click on check boxes to accept the license terms
6. Setup Role: Select one of the below feature based upon your requirement
· SQL Server Feature Installation
· SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint
· All Features with Defaults
7. Feature Selection : Reporting Services – Native
8. Installation Rules: You should not see any warning/failures
9. Instance Configuration: Choose the name that you want
10. Disk space requirements: Review available and free space
11. Server configuration: Select Service account
12. Reporting Services Configuration: Install only
13. Error Reporting : Check the box if you want send the error reports to Microsoft
14. Installation and Configuration Rules: You should not see any warning/failures
15. Ready to Install: Click on “Install Button”
16. Installation Progress: You will see that installation progress info
17. Complete

Before you configure SSRS You need to have a SQLServer instance on a computer where you will host Report server or you can use remote SQL Server instance.


You can download Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Report Builder using below link

You can download Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Service Report Builder 2.0 using below link

You can download Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Add-in for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies

SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Service Pack 2 (SP2)

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