Friday, October 11, 2013

Remove SharePoint Central Administration Web Application

If you deleting a Application server or Central Administration Web application from Server Farm in SharePoint 2013 follow the below simple steps.

Removing the Central Admin Web application  is very similar as Configure SharePoint Central Administration Web Application

1. Start “SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard”  on the server where you want to Delete the Central Administration

Select the option
·         Do not disconnect from this server farm – Choose this option, If you want to delete only Central Administration Web application from server farm
·         Disconnect from this server farm- Choose this option, if you want to disconnect this server from farm

2.  Select “Yes, I want to remove the web site from this machine” , Click Next

3.  In this screen you should be able to see the Database Server Configuration Settings, Click Next

4. It will remove the Central Administration information from registry and also removes the web application .You should see “Configuration Successful” message once the configuration Wizard removed the Central Administration Web application, click Finish.

Satishbabu Gunukula


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